What Makes Me Texan by Nature – Jillian Price

I was born in Dallas, Texas, but after about two years, my family moved to Atlanta, Georgia to be closer to family. This is where I was raised. Growing up, my family always taught me that it was important to take care of the Earth. Recycle, do not waste electricity and water…and most importantly, do not litter. Our Earth is not replaceable, so the least we can do is to take care of it. These simple tasks can help our environment tremendously.

After graduating from high school, I decided to move back to Texas to attend Baylor University. While at Baylor, I had the opportunity to take an Environmental Science course. This course completely changed the way I viewed our environment and how certain communities are negatively affected. Some communities, which are heavily populated by minorities, can generally be more susceptible to harmful pollution. Pollution from motor vehicles, and from industrial factories and plants that were unfortunately built in these areas. Much of this pollution causes people in these communities to develop various health problems that could otherwise be avoidable.

Another avoidable problem that I learned about was the lack of outdoor green spaces for young youth in urban areas. While this may not seem like a big problem, the lack of green space causes a major disconnect with children and nature. This disconnect causes a lack of education about the importance and beauty of nature. It can also lead to health problems in children because they may not have a place to exercise and participate in other outdoor activities.

So, what makes me Texan by Nature? Texans pride themselves on helping each other to become the best. What better way to be best, than to help those in need to get the resources to succeed? My commitment to finding ways that can best help these communities thrive is what makes me Texan by Nature.