Making Conservation Part of Your Mission – Pioneer Natural Resources

On Ocotober 29, Mark Berg, EVP of Corporate & Vertically Integrated Operations at Pioneer Natural Resources presented at Texan by Nature’s first annual Conservation Wrangler Summit & Celebration at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas, Texas. This important event brought together over 200 Texas leaders to engage in a thought-provoking summit exploring the beneficial connection between conservation and business. The event culminated in a gourmet meal and celebration of the 2018 Texan by Nature Conservation Wrangler projects.

pioneer natural resources conservation mission
Mark Berg, EVP of Corporate & Vertically Integrated Operations, Pioneer Natural Resources. Photo by Grant Miller

No matter your business, conservation can be good for your bottom line, help with employee satisfaction and retention, and sustain prosperity for years to come. Pioneer Natural Resources shared their sustainability journey, innovative advances, and best practices for achieving a conservation mindset throughout their organization and operations.

pioneer natural resources conservation data

Mark Berg elaborated on Pioneer’s core values that contribute to their conservation mindset, which include respect, ethics and honesty, safety and environment, personal accountability, entrepreneurship, communication, and teamwork. Mark spoke on key points such as Texas heritage, diverse experience, conservation as a mission, and the winning combination–safety and stewardship. Pioneer’s sustainable practices are impressive and include:

  • Water conservation and protection – Municipal collaboration & freshwater usage decreasing by greater than 27%
  • Air emissions and monitoring – Leader in leak detection & 1.1 M metric tonnes captured
  • Landscape conservation – Pioneer pads, footprint decreasing by greater than 80%

Not only does Pioneer partake in sustainable practices but they also communicate these practices effectively through their sustainability reports.

Thank you to Pioneer Natural Resources for being an invaluable partner and sponsor for our 2018 Conservation Wrangler Summit & Celebration

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