What Makes Me Texan by Nature – Patrick Kelleher

texasI grew up on 8 acres in the Texas hill country. I moved away for school and realized how much I missed Texas. I came back for some years before moving again only to realize how much this state has that I took for granted. I missed the ability to easily escape into the wilderness, I missed the rivers, the camping and the wildlife. Growing up in Texas fostered a strong appreciation for nature and a fascination for how it functions as a system.

As I grew older, my interest in the functionality of natural systems increased to the point where one summer, I built a pond in my backyard and created a humble, but functioning, ecosystem. I realized the abundance of nature and our open untouched spaces are what makes Texas the state it is. I decided I was going to pursue a life protecting these places.

texasMy undergraduate courses in water and soil science were extremely informative and I learned how sensitive and crucial they are to human and environmental health. Courses in fishery management and regulation helped me understand the complexities of resources in Texas and it economy.

Restoring damaged forests, wetlands, fisheries, and other delicate systems is how we can sustainably attain diversity and functionality of natural systems. Through a better understanding of what is primordial for us and other species is how I hope to keep Texas the home I know and love.

what makes me texan