Habitat Management Incentive Programs in TX

On February 16th-18th, the Texas Chapter of the Wildlife Society held its 53rd annual conference in San Antonio, TX. This year’s conference was rich with information focused on wildlife conservation and management on private lands, a topic especially important to Texan by Nature. Shannon Harris, Texan by Nature’s Program Manager and Taylor Keys, Texan by Nature’s Conservation Associate, were honored to be invited to speak at the habitat management incentive programs workshop on how Texan by Nature’s Monarch Wrangler program is directly relevant to private landowners in Texas. This conference was an excellent opportunity to present and collaborate with other nonprofits, state, and national organizations on habitat incentive programs which are designed to help landowners and organizations spur conservation efforts around the state.

While there were multiple presentations regarding monarchs and pollinators, the workshop also covered a diverse range of conservation topics such as, game birds like quail and ducks, songbirds, grasslands, wetlands and much more! It was a very collaborative environment with so many great groups working together to advance conservation in Texas. The unique nature of the Monarch Wrangler program proved to be a wonderful addition to the discussion as a variety of incentive programs were presented.

Habitat management incentive programs presented include:

The Texas Chapter of the Wildlife Society is a non-profit scientific and educational organization serving and representing wildlife professionals in all areas of wildlife conservation and resource management. Their goal is to promote excellence in wildlife stewardship through science and education. Founded in 1965, the Texas Chapter has been tirelessly working for conservation in Texas, using some of Texas’ foremost conservation experts.

View the long program from the Texas Chapter of the Wildlife Society 53rd Annual Conference here to learn more!