Taking Care of Texas Addresses Texas Land and Mineral Owners Association

SAN ANTONIO – On Thursday, October 18th, Taking Care of Texas President Katharine Armstrong addressed members of the Texas Land and Mineral Owners Association at its annual meeting.
“Private property owners add tremendous value to our state’s economy through mineral development and stewardship,” said Armstrong. “Economic prosperity gives Texans the opportunity to improve the land, water, and wildlife in our state.”

The Texas Land and Mineral Owners association, comprised of over 1,000 farmers, ranchers, and royalty, land, and mineral owners, was founded to maintain and strengthen property rights for all Texas and royalty owners while working to ensure land and water resources in Texas are not harmed by oil exploration.

Taking Care of Texas will work with organizations like TLMA to ensure that private property owners are given the best tools available to manage their land and all of the natural resources in their care—and in the process, foster an approach to conservation that is business-friendly. Armstrong closed by thanking land and mineral owners for their contributions to the Texas economy and landscape. “Texas land and mineral owners have been taking care of Texas for generations. Because of their stewardship efforts, Texans enjoy a healthy economy and healthy environment,” said Armstrong.