Texas Botanical Gardens and Native American Interpretive Center

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Texan by Nature was proud to support the development and opening of the Texas Botanical Gardens in Goldthwaite, Texas. This project is the product of a decade-long effort by leaders in this rural Central Texas community of 2,000 people. The Texas Botanical Gardens focus on native plants and waterways, Native American life, and archaeology. This unique project attracted the interest of the Smithsonian to get involved.

Texan by Nature partnered with project leaders to provide visibility, resources, and expertise to help this project succeed. Mrs. Bush keynoted the grand opening ceremony on October 11, 2014. This project enhances conservation education opportunities, stimulates tourism, and brings vital jobs to the community.

Tangible Results



People to be Employed in New Positions

69 Direct and indirect jobs as a result of construction

6 New operations jobs

29 Direct and indirect tourism job



Economic Development to Goldthwaite

$6.96 million Economic impact of construction (estimate)

$4.39 million Tourism impact (estimated over three years)

$1.69 million Economic impact of operations (over three years)

Natural Resources

2,300 Visitors

Engaged and Educated Conservation Ambassadors

In the first year, the garden received 2,300 visitors to learn about the waterways, landscapes, and native culture of this part of Texas, producing valuable conservation education outcomes for adults and children alike.


Texas Highways March 1, 2016

Sweet 16 (on Texas 16)

“Texan by Nature is one of the strongest partnerships that The Texas Botanical Gardens & Native American Interpretive Center has. I feel that your powerful influence and the stamp of validation from you has assisted our progress immeasurably.”

– Jan Fischer, Executive Director, Texas Botanical Gardens

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