Texan by Nature Symposia Series

Making Big Ideas Bigger. Much Bigger.

Photo credit: Grant Miller

Our symposia series identifies key topics related to natural resource conservation; connects scholars, policy makers, and experts to hold a discourse on the emergent issue; communicates the story to the world in a way that activates new investments in conservation; and catalyzes further research and commitment.


South-Central Monarch Symposium

Working toward a comprehensive partner conservation strategy for the South-Central Great Plains region to aid in the recovery of the monarch butterfly.

A Natural Connection: Exploring Positive Outcomes in Health and Healing Through Nature

Nature is a powerful force that provides positive benefits to health – a fact supported by growing research linking exposure to nature with health and wellness. Thus, it follows that conserving nature is vital to the long-term health and wellbeing of our society. Accordingly, Houston Methodist & Texan by Nature co-hosted a symposium to discuss and identify gaps in the science around theRead More